Compiling Qt 4.8.6 on Ubuntu 14.04

Despite of the availability of Qt 5 since years, there are still a lot of reasons to use Qt 4 particularly when you have to work with legacy code. This happens to me a several times at work. Since digia does not provide binary version of Qt 4, I needed to compile it myself on a newer Ubuntu 14.04 system. This instruction was tested on a clean Kubuntu 14.04 installation but should work on other Ubuntu versions as well. I find most of the instructions on the internet are either incomplete or not suitable for Ubuntu. I do hope that this could help a lot of people saving time and frustration when compiling Qt 4.

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Setting Up PostgreSQL on Ubuntu

I have setup a lot of mysql servers on different linux server configurations, particularly on debian and ubuntu and on several occassions I am required to setup postgresql as well. Setting up postgresql, well, I must say, a little bit complex in comparison to mysql. At first I thought that it would be easy and straightforward. I was wrong. I mean, it is not complex, it is just different. There are many tutorials on this but I haven’t found any “dummy” step-by-step tutorial that covers setting up superuser, creating database, creating user and granting privileges for postgresql.

There is an administration tool (pgadmin) to do all of this but I have found that the tool is badly designed for first time users. The tool will not give you any guidance on how to do things with it.

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Change Hostname in Ubuntu

This is a note for myself: Changing hostname is Ubuntu (and other linux variants) is very quick and easy, however I always forget how to do it, specifically, I can’t seem to remember which files to edit. Basically what you need to do is to edit the hostname in /etc/hostname and a host entry in /etc/hosts to the new hostname. After that, you only need to restart the machine.

Backup and Restore Hard Disk Using Dd

This is a note for myself: Backing up and then restoring hard disk with dd is actually quite easy, however I tend to forget even the simplest command line for doing this. Of course in this case dd is also replaceable by dcfldd. I also compress the images to save disk space.

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Find Strings in a Bunch of Files With Textfinder

Working with a large codebase can sometimes be quite frustrating when you need to find or replace certain strings from hundreds of files. Let’s say for example you want to rename a class. Many IDE can support you to achieve this so that the class name is also changed in other project files as well. But what happen if you just want to change specific strings in the comments or in the printf() statements?

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Bash Rename Files With Spaces With Underscores

Most of the time, I prefer files without spaces on linux. They are much easier to search and to be set as parameters of command line programs (no need for back slashes or surrounding quotes). However, files from digital cameras, colleagues, downloads, etc do not often really follow my preference. Instead of renaming them one by one, there’s a pretty nifty one-line bash command to do it.

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Aachen: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Last weekend we visited our friends who live in a small city near of Aachen, Germany, which was undoubtedly nice and fun. Before visiting our friends, me and my wife went for a little trip in Aachen for a few hours. We took trains to go there and we just sort of walk in the city since the downtown is somewhat small anyway. Surprisingly the weather was so warm and nice so I decided to take some pictures to put on my blog (although I apologize for their quality because I took them using my smart phone).

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Finally, a Scrum Board

So, finally I have the time to create a scrum board for our projects at work. Although we do use redmine’s issues and roadmap, I think it is far mor easier to get the overview through the board. I must agree that the board is a little bit small (in fact, the board is used for two separate projects, hence I prefer a larger board) but I hope it will improve in the future. We will see whether we need a larger board or not. While researching about the boards I see that some stores offer pre-made scrum boards, however I am not sure whether we should get one of them since they are somewhat expensive for a board.

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C++ Polymorpism and Casting Notes

This is just a priceless note I kept in my personal files to demonstrate various casting types in C++.

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Audio Technica ATH-ANC9: Simply the Best Noise-Canceling Headphones Out There

About two weeks ago I bought myself a new set of headphones, the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9. Before deciding on ATH-ANC9, I had several candidates: Bose Quietcomfort 15, Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9, and Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7b. This post is by no means, a comparison between the three headphones. Instead, I am trying to review my experience after using ATH-ANC9 for about 50 hours in different environments. Although I will mention the other two headphones along the way.

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